Our primary customer service goal is to ensure that your business, organization or practice will never experience the trauma of a computer or server crash.  We can’t guarantee that bad things won’t happen, but we can certainly help minimize the possibility through planning, maintenance and constant software upgrades. 

Network Design – This is where it all starts. Early involvement can ensure optimum efficiency and high ROI on your equipment.  Based on your projected future needs, RenTech can design your system for maximum flexibility and source equipment purchases for reliability and value.

Installation – RenTech will run cabling in new and existing offices, install racks for networking equipment, terminate ends and set up patch panels. We can also install, configure and/or upgrade servers and desktop computers, cable/DSL routers and set up security/port mapping for remote management, Cisco routers, SOHO firewalls, and wireless access points and bridges.

Maintenance – Ongoing maintenance is critical to network speed and efficiency. RenTech will update software, ensure your computers are virus and spyware–free and upgrade and optimize servers as necessary. We recommend monthly server maintenance for security and safety.

Service 24/7  - It is an unspoken truth that if you ever have a network problem, it will happen at the worst possible time. Customer records will be frozen just before billing, patient records will be hidden, etc. We know.  That’s why RenTech service is available for our clients on a 24/7 basis.  It’s one more aspect of our commitment to reduce client stress.


Survive a computer  disaster with Carbonite

“As a dental practice specializing in orthodontics,
we had heard about Jon
Kolmar and RenTech from
some of our dentist friends. We’re pleased to say that we’ve been working with
them for over four years and are very pleased with
the service and response
time. We have a very
active practice, and we never worry about problems
with our computer network.”

                                                               -Sylvania Orthodontics

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