Here are just a few examples of the kinds of work we’ve been doing recently:

Dental Practices – From the very beginning, RenTech saw an emerging need as information technology in dental practices was evolving. We have experience with a wide array of dental industry computing products, ranging from office management systems such as Dentrix, SoftDent, EasyDental, and Orthotrac to hardware devices such as intraoral camera systems, and digital radiography devices. 

Telemarketing Firms – Computer networks are at the heart of any major telemarketing system and RenTech has helped design, install, maintain and manage systems for national firms. Key components have included software selection and customization, operator training and database management.

Recruitment and Staffing Firms – Like many service businesses, recruitment firms rely on computer networks to quickly access a great deal of important information on candidates and clients.  Any kind of network problem can quickly shut operations down.  RenTech has helped design, expand and maintain networks for major recruiters with minimal downtime.

School Systems – The special needs of school systems are expanding every day, as more and more information must be accessed quickly for a variety of purposes.  Almost always large and often complex, RenTech works to meet the unique challenges presented by networking dozens of computers of vastly different ages and capabilities within tight school budgets.  While many school boards employ IT people on-staff, it is not unusual to find them stretched thin and unable to meet ongoing maintenance needs.  

“RenTech is a vital resource
for our busy, fast paced dental practice and consistently
available to solve problems.
Instrumental in the design
and installation of our
10-computer network,
Jon Kolmar’s ability to anticipate clinical and
patient education
needs in a comfortable, functional way has allowed
ease of access to critical
information. He really understands our business
and our needs.”

Jonathan Frankel, DDS

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