There are a lot of reasons to chose working with RenTech. It all boils down to securing uncommon expertise and experience and highly responsive, personalized service at a fair price.

Competent, Reliable People – At the core of any successful service business you will find a team of competent, reliable people who are committed to delivering the best possible service at a reasonable price.  This philosophy has fueled the growth of RenTech and will extend into the future.  We genuinely care about our clients and their continuing success.  As a result, we look forward to continued growth through responsive service.

IT System Consulting – RenTech capabilities and expertise in their purest form are the bedrock of our consulting business.  We can work with you to help access your needs, explore options and design the optimum network for your organization.  If you are struggling with your current network, Team RenTech will analyze strengths and weaknesses and make recommendations on short and long term solutions that fit your budget.

Servers, Software and Peripherals – Computers all by themselves are only the front door entryway to creating and managing critical information. Of even greater importance to your organization is the selection of the “right” servers, software and peripherals--including printers, scanners and so much more.  RenTech has the ability and experience to help you select the best equipment and software to meet your needs and your budget.   

On-Site or Remote Service – One of the advantages of working with RenTech is that we very often are able to install highly secure “switches” to provide remote access to your system.  What this means for you is that RenTech is able to remotely diagnose problems, upgrade software and so much more without the expense of travel time.  It’s definitely an option worth considering to maintain network efficiency at reduced overall cost.

“We are a family-owned
business with a fairly large
computer network, which is
critical to our ability to serve
clients. For several years, we
had a computer technician on
staff to maintain our computer
network.  Last year, we hired
RenTech to maintain our
system. As a result, we’ve had
no serious computer problems
and best of all, saved over
$25,000 per year.”  

DeAnna Neeb,
Office Mgr.- Renhill Staffing

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